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  1. Mikanris

    (The Star Wanderer, the Far Wanderer, Sky God) Many spelljamming groups consider the faithful of Celestian useful, if a bit strange. Since they seek to wander the many spheres, Celestian's clergy are always willing to pilot long journeys through the Flow. Major Spheres: All, astral, creation, divination, healing, necromantic (up to 4th.
  2. Nigrel

    A Wanderer in the Sprit Lands, by Franchezzo (A. Farnese),, at vermotideslyanatacharvajibepa.xyzinfo CHAPTER XXXIIIMy Vision of the Spheres. How can I tell of the many friends who came to visit me in this bright home, of the cities I saw in that fair land, the lovely scenes I visited?
  3. Grorn

    Explores in detail the political and social spheres of Amestris and beyond in the context of Roy's ladder-climbing, aided by Edward's presence as a researcher. You could consider this a fix-it, but it's more like a highly involved worldbuilding reboot. Long-running, takes time between updates, but .
  4. Nakree

    Homeless Soul by Eternal Wanderers, released 16 April 1. Invested with Mystery (Prologue) 2. Eternal Wanderer 3. Transformations 4. Meteor 5. The Cradle of a Hurricane 6. I Wanna Give My Life for You 7. Chaos of Reason 8. In Search of the Antiworld 9. Homeless Soul Invested with Mystery The album represents the result of a three-year creative searching.
  5. Dagul

    Throughout his entire career in the Imperial Navy (over a century) he has been fond of exploring new areas, and seeing new things. When the admiralty of Evermeet offered him the "Wanderer," he jumped at the chance. Currently, the Wanderer is assigned to travel the spheres looking for lost elven colonies. Resika has indeed found many lost colonies, but he has also initiated peaceful contact with several .
  6. Tojarn

    Sep 02,  · When astronomers discovered a strange pattern of light near a distant star called KIC back in October, it was like nothing anyone had observed before.. When a planet passes in front of star, the star’s brightness usually dips by around 1 percent, but KIC has been experiencing dips of up to 22 percent, suggesting that something huge is zooming past.
  7. Yozshulkree

    The Wanderer fell silent, his arms folded across his broad chest. And his great shoulders bowed as under the weight of centuries of mankind's cares. "Yet I would have you understand, O Man-Called-Bert, for the tale is a strange one and is heavy upon me." It was uncanny that this Wanderer .
  8. Gusar

    Apr 01,  · From the last chapter it seemed to be the case until atrum(who as a magi and coincidentally from a family of oil sheiks) specifically referred to what Tanya did as magecraft,the magecraft of the vermotideslyanatacharvajibepa.xyzinfo also notes that what she uses is a blunt weapon compared to magecraft used by the secret societies,but he recognizes it's utility on the battlefield.
  9. Dokazahn

    To where did you go, oh wanderer of the bleak unknown? Under what suns did you dance and play But when the stars align, you’ll come back to me I’ll call you back to me The spirits move in me, the galaxy converging The music of the spheres will sway the hands of time So long ago, twenty-six thousand years I remember when you departed.

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