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  1. Kigami

    Find the gold in the bat-shit mine. There is gold in them batshit hills - raw gifts that can be molded into the most beautiful pieces! You are probably a writer, or an artist, or a musician, or a.
  2. Nataxe

    Bat-Shit Crazy Delupilin, FigmentOfImagination. Chapter 8 Alright, so, the comms conversation should definitely happen but Tim couldn’t really see any way that it’d go down well. A shift in breathing and Tim knew Jason was waking up which meant that the note was now crumbled up and stuffed in Tim’s pocket. Tim didn’t even reward.
  3. Vumuro

    Apr 23,  · Back in the early s, large quantities of bat guano were fed to patients in mental institutions because doctors felt it would calm their nerves due to the high concentrations of vitamin K. Unfortunately it had the opposite effect often driving.
  4. Daisida

    UK three CD collection that delivers 60 tracks from some of the leading artists in Rock music from the last 50 years. Includes tracks from Fleetwood Mac, Faces, Foreigner, Chicago, ZZ Top, the Doobie Brothers, Little Feat and many more/5(80).
  5. Faubar

    Bat-Shit Crazy Delupilin, FigmentOfImagination. Summary: Tim is having a shit day and the last thing he expects is the Outlaws bursting into the Teen Titans' Tower to enlist his help in saving the world. And while Jason would rather work with anyone other than his Replacement they are forced to put aside their differences for the greater good.
  6. Brakora

    Jul 30,  · O.J. Simpson recently told the parole hearing that released him after nine years in prison that he had led a “conflict-free” life. After hearing that from a man convicted of causing wrongful death, kidnapping and armed robbery — and who entered a no-contest plea on a case of wife-beating that sent Nicole Simpson to hospital (the eighth time the cops had answered a call from the.
  7. Samurr

    Jun 20, - Explore Lori Head-Benson's board "Bat Shit Crazy", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Make me laugh, Funny quotes, E cards pins.
  8. Gura

    As an intensifier, esp. in batshit crazy. ( Toronto Life Aug. 6/4: "His mug is emblazoned with the words: full-blown bat shit crazy.") So, while batshit crazy certainly does seem to be influenced by the expression bats in the belfry as you suggest, its first meaning, in use by , was simply a variant of bullshit. This use continued and.
  9. Akinokree

    Presumably from batty (“crazy”), itself from earlier have bats in one's belfry, from tendency of bats to fly around erratically. Possibly influenced by or derived from apeshit, particularly in phrase go apeshit. I used the reddit search engine for bat shit on this sub and it didn't find anything. So I .

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