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  1. Tazuru

    Reprise Album Discography, Part 2: R/R to R/RS () By David Edwards, Patrice Eyries, and Mike Callahan Last update: July 25,
  2. Tekora

    "My Man" Reaching out to all de man dem who really love dem lady Know how fu treat dem woman good Yea Ehh All ah ma lovin's fo you Love how yo do what you do Touch me right, treat me good Rude boy me love how you rude Carr let ah man like you go Ah one thing me war yo fe know.
  3. Akilkree

    I Love My Man Lyrics: I love my man / On my life I say I don't / I love my man / On my life I say I don't / But I'll quit my man / On my life I say I won't / I've been your slave baby / Ever since.
  4. Netaur

    "Ain't No Lovin' My Man" is a song sung by Carl, and Sheen in the episode, "The Trouble with Clones". They were singing it because, they were hypnotized by: Evil Jimmy using Jimmy's Hypno Ray. Lyrics Carl and Sheen: Ain't No Lovin' My Man, Carl and Sheen: Shoowab, Carl and Sheen: Shoowab, Carl and Sheen: Oooooo Carl and Sheen: Ain't No Lovin' My Man, Carl and Sheen: Shoowab, Carl and Sheen.
  5. Taugis

    What a man my man is --I honestly love you --Everything's falling in place (for me and you) --Tell me a lie --Someone to finish what you started --Ev'rybody's somebody's fool --I won't go back to Denver --Please don't tell me how the story ends --Walk me to the door --Where is all that love you talked about --I feel like a new man today.
  6. Kigat

    For once in my life I know the meaning of happiness And what it means to have a dream come true 'Cause every day I wake up singing livin' on the sunshine love is bringing And it's wonderful knowin' that I owe it all to you At last I've got a reason to be a living I'm at the end of the rainbow and the gold is in my hands Your love is so sweet I.
  7. Yobar

    My Tane (My Man) Makin' Whoopee: The Shadow Of Your Smile: Rainbow Tree: Kuu Ipo He'e Pue One (Theme From) Zorba The Greek: Nikki's Garden: That's How The Story Goes: A Room Without Windows: The Joker: The Aliis That Lovin feelin collectible vinyl lp record album for sale. Buy That Lovin feelin, used vinyl record from The Aliis. 2 other.
  8. Nejind

    Find Me a Man Lyrics: I'm just a girl / That doesn't like the thought of being alone / I need to be loved and held real close / I'm the kind of girl / That needs to be caressed and kissed so soft.

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