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  1. Taushura

    The origins of Agathocles date back to and the punk/metal/hardcore movement. The group went through a lot of personnel and name changes throughout the years, finally settling on Agathocles. The group released quite a few records and toured all over Europe.
  2. Tolmaran

    Agathocles (Greek: Ἀγαθοκλῆς) is a Greek name, the most famous of which is Agathocles of Syracuse, the tyrant of vermotideslyanatacharvajibepa.xyzinfo name is derived from ἀγαθός, agathos, i.e. "good" and κλέος, kleos, i.e. "glory".. Other personalities named Agathocles: Agathocles, a sophist, teacher of Damon; Agathocles (writers), was the name of a number of ancient writers, including an.
  3. Vur

    The line-up stayed the same during the first half of , during which time Agathocles recorded their album Razor Sharp Daggers, as well as featuring on the compilation Metalopolis, which was released by the Belgian radio station Studio Brussel. In the summer, however, the line-up changed again, with Matty replacing Steve on guitar.
  4. Moogujin

    Agathocles may have been Pantaleon's brother, as both ruled at around the same time. Agathocles is dated to c. BCE. We are not sure which of the two ruled first, but I have elected to present the coins of Agathocles second because he issued a coin commemorating Pantaleon, indicating he came "after" Pantaleon in some sense.
  5. Memuro

    Agathocles is a Belgian political grindcore band that began in Members include; Jan Frederickx, Nils Laureys, Koen De Neve. Discography includes; Keizershof disaster, Theatric symbolisation of life , Use Your Anger , Black Clouds Determinate , Razor Sharp Daggers , The LPs: , Thanks For Your Hostility , Humarrogance , split with Axed Up Conformist.
  6. Mitaur

    Agathocles discography (misc) Your Standards / Untitled () Belgian Campaign for Musical Destruction () > Agathocles discography (all) Your Standards / Untitled () CD-Release Party Superiority Overdose () >.
  7. Vugar

    Recorded at Industry of Noise in Athens, Greece on 14th of May Line-up: Koen, Nils, Jan. Limited to green (pantone C) / solid white / solid yellow screen-printed tapes come with 5-panel J-card (hand-numbered).
  8. Majinn

    Agathocles: Mincemania In Bulgaria június kedd, Valentin Szilvia Tweet #shockmagazin. Kifejezetten "imádom" a fos hangzású cd-ket, főleg, az olyanokat, ahol 64 percben 39 (!!!) darab "izé" található. Daloknak nem nevezném őket, trackeknek talán, a leghosszabb zajongás mp hosszú (döbbenetes!!!), a legrövidebb.
  9. Kajirisar

    Recording information: Tracks recorded in October, at Dyprins Studios in Borgloon, Belgium. Tracks recorded in April, at Soundshape Studios in Arendonk, Belgium.

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