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  1. Mazuzilkree

    Nov 19,  · How many people are affected by your lies? Because don’t forget, if you’re a parent, a mother, or a father, a husband, or a wife, the lies that you tell yourself are greatly affecting other people as well. Not only that, but if you’re a mom or dad and you’re lying, you’re teaching your children that lies are perfectly acceptable.
  2. Jular

    On the Sc wiki, all the charatcers have somethin like "What lies in his soul is Damnation" or Justice or something like that; where is this in the game. User Info: mim mim - 8 years ago. Top Voted Answer. Basically, it's a combination of a marketing gimmick and an effort to describe a character's personality in a single word. They only.
  3. Fenrisar

    Jan 12,  · Where Is Your Soul? If anything could prove the existence of a soul, it is the utter emptiness of a corpse. — Mary Doria Russell, Children of God When I was little, I asked my father where our souls were in our bodies.
  4. Dogor

    Slowly child form your own balanced opinion Be true-right unique in your-own, conviction. Judge not the worldly or mentally-smart Or that poor old lame horse before the cart. Equal opportunities seldom are seen, Often are zealously-guarded, by the mean. Be fierce in principle but able to bend And with your core beliefs, your own heart befriend.
  5. Brajind

    Mar 01,  · When you embody your soul and you live in this connection, in this faith and trust, you’re finally home. And that’s where your power lies—the power that creates, the power that shifts energy, the power that brings truth and healing. And when enough of us are embodied in our soul’s power we’ll look like a vast field of flowers.
  6. Nikotaur

    While soul is a doorway into the mysteries of the personal unknown, spirit opens a door into boundless oneness. Soul is discovered in the subconscious or “underworld” realm, while spirit is encountered in states of super-consciousness (“upperworld”).
  7. Keran

    Your greatest enemy is you, or should I say, the sin within you. You see, there is nothing more destructive in our life than our own personal sin. And believe it or not, this unseen adversary is waging a serious attack against us at this very moment, as I address in the piece, "When Sinful Desires War Against Your Soul.".

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