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  1. Virn

    Jun 30,  · That extension gave lawmakers a few extra hours to add four measures: two to expand voting rights, one that ends a year-old ban on affirmative action, and one that is a tortuously complicated property tax measure that somehow ropes in Realtors, wildland firefighters and “The Dude” from the Big Lebowski. Here’s your November ballot preview.
  2. Tojalabar

    Feb 03,  · Edward Blum takes on affirmative action again – this time, with an Asian-American plaintiff, and Harvard as the defendant. By Joseph P. Williams .
  3. Groran

    This extreme, real-world iteration of affirmative action assists only unqualified businesspeople at the expense of American capitalism and taxpayers. Affirmative action might have made sense to leftists as an idyllic means of promoting diverse thought on campus, but its place in the real world .
  4. Moogujind

    Jun 24,  · The revisiting of affirmative action policy comes at a critical juncture in our nation’s history, a time when our society is experiencing a long-overdue reckoning about .
  5. Akinokasa

    Nov 01,  · Nonwhite Americans are more likely to support affirmative action than white Americans, according to a report from the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think tank.
  6. Nikolar

    Affirmative action began as a government remedy to the effects of long-standing discrimination against such groups and has consisted of policies, programs, and procedures that give preferences to minorities and women in job hiring, admission to institutions of higher education, the awarding of government contracts, and other social benefits.
  7. Zulumuro

    For example, in one study of top law schools, more than 50 percent of African-American law students (many of whom had been admitted pursuant to affirmative action policies) were in the bottom
  8. Baran

    Here’s the Times: Affirmative action increases the numbers of black and Hispanic students at many colleges and universities, but experts say that persistent underrepresentation often stems from.
  9. Nadal

    Dear future grandchild, I’m your grandmother, Soraya Nevin, and I came here with your grandfather, Nik Nevin, from Rasht, Iran. Before we came to America we were Soraya and Ismail Niknejad, but your grandfather thought we needed to change it in order to fit in.

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